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  • NASA
  • Bershka
  • Coca-Cola
  • o2

Online to Offline: Fanta Garden game

Fanta launched a game that tapped in the story of their ATL campaign. The product played role as a bonus in the game, that helped to make teenagers chores more fun and easier to do.
During a Fanta-sponsored event, a game challenge was announced to engage the crow of 20.000 event attendees.

Education: Mars Rover game

NASA partnered with GAMEE to launch a fun game with educational aspects on the occasion of 4th anniversary of Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. The game mimics the gravity and movement of the rover on Mars, searching for water.

  • 20 million gameplays
  • 10.000+ shares on social media

Product launch: Basket Boy game

Telco company O2 launched a series of sport games and announced a contest, where the sport TV subscription - the new product was a main prize.

  • 12 million gameplays
  • 76.000 followers on GAMEE

Sales promotion: Valentine, Halloween, Back to School

Bershka launched series of games around events in the year, that matter to their young audience and are always to sales promotions. 3 times a year a game is launched with a challenge, involving YouTube stars activating their fans. Bershka follows up with thanking gamers for playing and rewarding the best gamers with eshop vouchers.

  • 15 million gameplays
  • 30.000 followers on GAMEE

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